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Just finished the first season of Sequestered on Crackle and crossing my fingers that there will be a second season. It definitely ended with unanswered questions. GREAT show with twists & turns you never see coming. Worth being checked out! And I love seeing comedians play dramatic roles (Patrick Warburton a.k.a. Puddy from Seinfeld).

I started reading my 32nd book today! Im really proud of myself! People really should read more. Take advantage of your local library! If I want to read a book and they dont have it they will order it for me. Might have something to do with my cousin being the librarian…who knows ;)
I also went to the Dr. on Friday and I have lost more weight. I switched to Diet Pepsi :( but, I am saving myself like 260 calories because I usually drink about a 20 oz a day. Its definitely an acquired taste.
Im also applying to grad schools. I didnt graduate with the best GPA so I have no idea who will accept me, but it’s in the 3’s. I was never a 4.0 student. My brother could play video games all night and take a test and get an A and I could study my ass off and maybe get a B. School always came so much easier to him than it did for me. So, I think after 8 years (I graduated with my BA in 2006) I am ready to go back to school. I just think if I dont do something more, especially with my education, that I am going to be stuck in this life I live. A constant circle.
Ive always wanted more out of life than this and I know I can achieve it!

So, I am in the process of trying to find my father’s biological parents. I know the history of his adoptive family but I do not know anything about where he really came from. Yesterday, I went to go pick up his death certificate for the second time….because I misplace important things all the time! But every time I look at the cause of death section, which says “Suicide: Self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.” I just hurts a little more inside. He has been out of my life longer than he was in my life and I still miss him more than ever. 

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