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Today In History We Honor Hugh Hefner: Playboy Activist and Rebel

‘Born April 9, 1926, in Chicago, IL, Hugh Hefner is a person of substance. He believes in equality and justice for all, especially during the time of the civil rights movement. Alex Haley wrote for Playboy Magazine and during his time there, he had written ‘ROOTS.’ Dick Gregory got his major start by performing for the Playboy Clubs. Hugh Hefner allowed artists like Josh White, Dizzy Gillespie, Sammy Davis, Jr. and groups such as The Gateway Singers and Lambert, Hendricks & Ross who were of mixed racial groups, to perform on his show Playboy After Dark. Hugh Hefner was the recipient of the NAACP Image Award and presented by Jim Brown.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s last published article was featured inside Playboy Magazine and was edited by Corretta Scott King.

(photo: Hugh Hefner CARTER™ Magazine Cover)

- CARTER Magazine

I really love this picture of Hef

L.L. Bean

Im a little pissed with L.L. Bean right now…
I ordered a pair of really cool anchor pajama pants from them and they sent me the wrong size (as in 3X the wring size). So, I returned them and they sent me the right size.
The next day I got a gift card from them in the mail for the same price as the pants. Just to make sure I checked the card and it had the correct amount of money on it.
Today I checked the mail and received an invoice saying that I owed L.L. Bean $31.46 !!!!
What?!? I thought they were trying to make up for their fuck up and was already planning on what I was going to buy with my gift card. I even sent out a tweet about the great customer service that L.L. Bean has!
Let me also say that I am a LOYAL L.L. Bean customer and after receiving the gift card I had talked their company up to all my friends about the great perks of ordering from them and how great their products were! (free shipping, $10 gift cards if your purchase is over $50)
So, yeah it’s 2AM & I just got home from the bar but I called the 1-800 anyways because I was pissed! First the guy said, “Well, Ill just cancel the invoice and the gift card.”
“WTF! You fucked up in the first place and I thought you were trying to fix your mistake. I sent out a tweet!” Always get them with the Twitter, man!
That made him laugh, so he said keep the gift card…sorry for the mistake, yo, and have a good night!
Um, that’s right, bitch! Because Im about to order the monogrammed tote bag in clear emerald!

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